If you’ve ever wondered how to feel more confident in sales, then this article is for you. Let’s jump into some down-to-earth tips and insights that can empower you to feel more sure of yourself and capable in your sales discussions.

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1. Understanding confidence: What does it feel like?

To start, consider your past experiences of confidence. Reflect on the feelings and thoughts that accompanied those moments. Understanding this can provide valuable insights into recreating and harnessing confidence when you need it most.

2. Preparation is key: Know your story inside out

Before any sales call or conversation, become an expert on what you’re going to discuss. Whether it’s your personal story, your product, or your company, clarity in your own mind is crucial. Ensure you can sell it to yourself before attempting to sell it to others.

3. Optimise your environment for success

Take a moment to assess your meeting environment. Where you conduct business can impact your confidence. Make it a comfortable and positive space, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. Feeling good about your surroundings can significantly boost your confidence.

4. Research your customer: Build a connection

Make use of online resources like websites and LinkedIn to gather information about your customer before meeting them. This knowledge equips you with relevant questions, making the conversation flow more smoothly and helping you feel more at ease.

5. Master your body language

Pay attention to your body language—it speaks volumes. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and lean in when appropriate. Positive body language not only conveys confidence but also shows genuine interest in the conversation.

6. Approach sales as a conversation, Not a transaction

Shift your mindset from making a sale to having a meaningful conversation. Approach it with the intention of helping the customer rather than focusing solely on closing a deal. Building relationships and understanding the customer’s needs should be the primary goal.

7. Embrace learning: There are no failures, only experiences

Confidence grows with experience. Every encounter, whether successful or not, contributes to your growth. Embrace the learning process, and recognise that there’s no such thing as failure—only opportunities to refine your approach.

8. Seek support and continuous improvement

Confidence is a journey, not a destination. Tap into available resources, courses, and support networks to continuously enhance your sales skills. Recognise that everyone, regardless of experience, can benefit from ongoing learning and improvement.


Building sales confidence is a dynamic process that involves self-reflection, preparation, and a customer-centric approach. Remember, it’s about establishing connections, understanding needs, and continuously learning and growing. If you’re looking for additional support on your journey to confidence, explore our website for courses and resources that may be of interest. Feel free to reach out—we’re here to help you succeed on your sales journey.

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