sales training dublin

We offer businesses and individuals a high quality, confidential and dynamic consultancy service. We want to become your go-to option if you have a sales, marketing or leadership issue that you need help resolving. This is very much a collaborative approach.

You ask for the help and we’ll work with you to create a plan and then work it through together. Woodhazel Consulting provides an external perspective, independence of thought and opinion, trust built through experience and success, along with an ethos of collaboration and partnership.

The areas of focus you might have may or may not include the following:

  • Review of your marketing sales and service process
  • Bespoke project management, work, and support
  • Helping you to categorise your customers
  • Helping you to effectively promote your products and services and positively engage with your customers
  • Sales and/or marketing audit
  • Advising you about networking
  • Individual short or long term training requirements or advice
  • Specific tasks like interviewing or accompaniment to meetings or trade shows
  • Ultimately it might just be about an opinion or words of wisdom or motivation

We love to add value, and be there when you need us now and into the future.

Contact us for a free initial consultation on 01 437 8313

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