We offer tailored workshops providing an opportunity to focus on specific sales and marketing opportunities and challenges for your business or market in a timely and efficient way. They are flexible enough to work at a company team or wider business group level.

Our approach is to create a relaxed, open environment where we incorporate a mix of training, mentoring, coaching as well as questioning and listening. The workshop dynamic of the team and the group provides the space and focus to discuss, problem solve and identify solutions that can have an immediate positive impact to you and your business.

The key benefit of our approach for each workshop is that the agenda and subject matter comes from you in collaboration with ourselves. The below themes provide a sample of what works well, but this is not an exhaustive list. By using our initial consultation stage we refine your exact requirements so we tailor each workshop to ensure maximum benefit for you.

Typical themes that work well in a workshop environment include;

  • Building self-awareness & promotion
  • Selling with confidence
  • Selling your authentic self
  • Sales and marketing structure and processes
  • Marketing your business and yourself
  • Team Relationships
  • Planning, Prioritising & Goal setting
  • Tailored scenarios e.g. presentations, pitching, reviews, campaign management
  • Change and Time Management

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