sales training faqThere’s a lot of information out there about sales and the best way to sell. But, what if you don’t know where to start? You’re not alone!

These Frequently Asked Questions are intended for people interested in learning more about sales training and gaining insight into common queries that arise when it comes to getting started with a career in sales.

What is sales?

There are lots of different definitions of what sales is but at the core it’s about helping people to solve their problems.

It’s about developing a relationship, understanding the client’s issues, building trust, demonstrating value and mutually agreeing a payment (money, barter, etc.) in exchange for goods or services.

We believe everyone can sell. It’s about finding the approach that works for you.

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What are the key skills of a good sales person?

We believe confidence and empathy are key skills that all good sales people should demonstrate. Some people appear more naturally inclined to these skills but with the right training and support everyone can develop these powerful selling skills.

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How do I get started as a sales professional?

A good place to start is sales training. This will help you to understand the principles of selling, alongside the skills and techniques that you will need, to pursue a career as a sales professional. It will help you to understand what skills you already have and can build on, as well as areas that you may need to develop.

There are different approaches to selling and through training you can start to understand the approach that works for you and it will also help to identify the companies and industries that suit you best.

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What is a sales training programme?

A sales training programme helps you develop your skills and techniques to find and close sales. They are often designed as face to face or online courses or workshops that can cover topics, such as how to handle objections, make effective presentations, have win/win negotiations (where the salesperson and customer are equally satisfied) and how to positively influence others.

Some companies accompany training with managerial change supports like coaching and mentoring programmes for staff members, commissions and bonuses which motivate effort and excellence, and recognition awards for outstanding performance on the job.

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Why is sales training important?

Sales training is important because it can empower and teach you the skills and techniques to be a better sales person, helping you to do your job with more confidence, win more orders and ultimately earn more money.

It’s true that many sales process tools can be self-taught, but sales training courses help to instil a positive attitude towards selling and can be tailored to you, your company, and its products so you and your team can focus on the best way to sell and market to your customers.

Sales training helps you to feel confident about yourself and to deal with objections and rejection. It improves customer service by teaching how to listen better and to understand your customer’s needs. You learn how to use qualifying questions, and what good questions to ask prospects & regular clients. It also teaches you about buying signals as well as how sales people have rights.

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Is sales training effective and increase your company’s revenue?

Absolutely. Virtually all industries and professions benefit from sales training. It’s like a funnel (you only get out what you put in to mix with the other ingredients, like price, product and service). Without expertise learned from sales training, it doesn’t matter what you do with the product or service; nobody will buy it unless they’re savvy enough to know that you’re the best company for their needs.

Sales training allows companies to promote themselves properly and professionally when making presentations to prospective customers. This gives their sales team the skills they need for presenting product features, answering questions about pricing and warranties, as well as becoming more knowledgeable about what sets each product apart from another one on the market. Confident speaking and the art of the concise unique elevator pitch are other skills which can be passed on or learned.

Sales training matters in every business – it enables appropriate responses to customer needs even before they ask their question or negotiate a price point.

What sales course should I choose?

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What Sales Training Courses do Woodhazel Consulting provide?

The Philosophy of Selling

This affordable sales training programme is designed to maximise your personal sales potential.

On this sales training course, you will learn

To apply selling principles and processes to your own business needs

  • How to sell with confidence
  • Use winning negotiating strategies
  • Understand customer centric principles
  • Tips for successful selling and avoid common mistakes
  • Manage your time and set goals effectively

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The Philosophy of Sales Leadership

Developmental and empowering, this sales training programme is designed to maximise your sales leadership potential.

You will learn

  • How to manage individuals to sell with confidence
  • Winning leadership styles & techniques & how to avoid common mistakes
  • How you drive & motivate your team to produce increased revenue & maximise performance
  • Understand & promote customer & staff centric principles
  • Techniques required to manage underperformance/over performance
  • To manage time, set definitive standards & key performance indicators for consistent results

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How can I access your services?

Our Sales training services can be done in person or online.

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Who are Woodhazel Consulting’s sales courses aimed at?

Our sales and sales leadership courses are aimed at businesses and individuals looking to unlock their sales and marketing potential. Our courses will benefit you if you are

  • a new business, a business looking to scale up or re-energise your approach
  • a new or experienced sales professional looking to learn new selling or leadership skills and techniques
  • a professional looking to build confidence in sales or sales leadership.

Why do people come for sales training?

For some people it’s to learn new skills and techniques, for others it’s to keep up to date with the latest perspectives or to find out different approaches that they might incorporate into their business.

Sales training is also key to helping you to become more confident, motivated and self-reliant in the world of selling.

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Do you offer sales training online?

Yes, we work with individuals, teams and groups online, face to face or a mix of both.

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What is the power of leadership skills?

Leadership is the fuel to drive the engine of success. It’s so important to be able to guide and drive your people and businesses forward from where they are now into a where you want to be.

The ability to be able to get the best from others as well as yourself whilst maximising your resources is one of the keys to success. This is where the power of enhanced leadership skills can support you and your team.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership, a safe place to encourage, support and empower you in a thought provoking and creative way to unlock your potential to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

It builds on where you are now with a focus on the future. It explores the things that are working effectively that can be built on and also attitudes, behaviours, values and beliefs that may be interfering with your progress and stopping your full potential being reached.

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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a collaborative learning experience, one where knowledge and skills are shared, mutually discussed and understood. The relationship is usually between an experienced person (mentor) who shares their expertise, experiences and connections with a less experienced person (mentee) to support, encourage and empower mentee’s learning, development and progress.

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship as often the mentor too can change and develop as a result of the experience. It values differences of experience, skills and application

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What is the benefit of mentoring?

Mentoring can give you access to expertise and years of business experience that can provide a fresh input to enhance your performance and help you unlock your full potential.

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Who is Woodhazel Consulting?

We are Rachel and Ciaran McKenna, commercially minded marketing and sales management specialists, professional coaches, mentors and trainers.

We help unlock your potential to sell and market you through a mix of bespoke sales & marketing training, coaching and mentoring tailored for the enthusiastic or reluctant professional.

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Why Choose Woodhazel Consulting?

We work 121 with groups or teams, offering a range of practical courses, workshops or programmes so we can reflect the unique needs of you or your business.

We use a mix of coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation. We connect in a relaxed, down to earth, practical way to allow you to really open up, feel engaged and motivated to achieve your goal whether that is to develop new skills and techniques, increase confidence or scale up and drive growth in profitable sales.

If you are ready to take action and create sustainable and measurable positive changes, why not get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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