No one has ever succeeded at anything by standing still and too often in business accepting the status quo or staying stuck in this position is due to complacency.

Let’s be clear complacency can happen at any time and at any level in a business and if it is not addressed it can have negative consequences. Reviewing progress is vital for growth, seeing what works and how it could be improved. Never be complacent! Having a “could do better” attitude is vital, and never be afraid to ask for help, feedback and advice.

In reality it’s probably inevitable that some level of complacency can creep into a business particularly when things are going well. The secret is to anticipate this and be ready to take action or ideally avoid it by planning for change and not being afraid to make the change happen.

Innovation is what drives business. What I mean by this is that you and your team need to be ready and able to adapt to the ever changing market trends and evolving needs of customers to maximise its future growth potential. Here are some pointers that you as the business owner could take to remove complacency at an individual or employee level to help steer your business towards ongoing success

  • Step outside your cosy surroundings

If your business has stalled or levelled, and is not reaching its full potential, now might be the time to walk away from your cosy surroundings. This can be scary especially as this may lead to disruption of a finely tuned engine. However by taking time out to consider where the company is now and challenging you and your team to consider whether it is heading in right direction could help evolve your business and drive it forward to meet the future obstacles, chances and prospects that your current model may not reach. Go on take the risk and go with the flow!

  • Be present, focussed and intentional about your commitment to evaluate and improve your business.

I don’t mean you have to do everything at once. Set aside time to critically review an area of your business, perhaps your sales process or marketing strategy. Get input from your team or reach out for an external independent expert or consultants to help evaluate what is working well, what could be improved, what improvements could be made and how these might open new opportunities.

  • Engage and motivate your employees

When you have a motivated team you’ll be able to achieve business success but more importantly they will be your greatest cheerleaders and champions. Leadership and engagement are key. Share business goals, purpose, successes and customer feedback. Challenge your team to think, do, participate and strategise. Show you trust your employees and lead from the front, be there for them if they need your help and support. Offer them chances to expand and enjoy. Understanding what motivates your employees can help ensure a happy and productive team.

  • Invest time and money to improve skills and knowledge

As your business grows your skills may need to develop. For example when you started out as a new business you may have worked on your own. However as your business has grown and more employees have joined you may need to consider leadership skills. Reaching out for support in this area could be the difference in propelling your business forward.

As your team grows you may also look to promote your employees rather than hiring externally and training could be a great way to fill their knowledge gap but also motivate and ensure loyalty and potentially combat any potential complacency.

  • Speak with individuals who won’t hold back or pull any punches

Getting a different perspective although it can be challenging and at times unsettling is often the driver to change and creative thinking. Seek out individuals that you trust to lean on to provide you with honest challenging feedback that will give you the kick and confidence you need to move forward.

  • Take time out

Although hard work is needed to achieve business success, it is important to remember that time away from work, allowing your brain to switch off and rest is very important. It will allow you to come back refreshed, motivated, and more creative and energised. This applies to your employees also!

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