“Why does it always rain on me?” is the title of a song from Travis and it is very apt for people who are constantly complaining about not getting out of life what they feel they truly deserve. Negative self- talk can be a big problem. Instead of trying to change negative talk patterns it might be an idea to take some positive action.

People need to look at themselves and see whether they are selling or presenting themselves in the right way. They might want the best things in life, but are they going about it in the right way. They could be all talk, saying that they want success, and they want to be happy and motivated but their actions and their body language are saying something else. Self, honest and open analysis is required to see if your talk is matched by reality and how others perceive you. Self- analysis is not easy, so it can be a great help to have a trusted coach/mentor to help you in this process.
Once you are clear about your authentic self and your personal brand, you need to turn your attention to applying it to your business, market and customers. You need to consider what you are trying to achieve and your trusted coach/mentor can also help with this. Some of the questions you might need to think about include;

How do you want your customer or prospects to perceive you?
Do you dress accordingly? Are you neat and tidy, do you dress to impress? The customer must feel that you at least match expectations. Does the reality of how you present yourself reflect what you want them to think about you?

Does your pricing reflect the market that you are in; are you too cheap or are you too expensive? Have you done your market research to see what your competition are charging? Are your prices more than good value for what you are selling and to whom? Can they afford you or are your prices so cheap that customers might question the quality? Being too cheap or too expensive can be a big problem and it harms confidence, perception and future sales and referrals.

Does your service match what you are saying? Do your quotes turn up on time and reflect what was promised? Do you contract professionally? Is the invoicing timely, accurate and fair?

Is there a proper briefing?

Are you always on time for appointments?

Do you listen to what your customer/prospect wants?

Do you give them more than expected?

Are they happy to refer you and/or give you a testimonial?

The answers to all these questions asked above will dictate whether reality reflects the words and whether the ambition is matched.

People can be very comfortable in their own bubble, but this may mean that they are not maximising themselves, or their opportunities. It takes guts, effort and determination to start your journey of self- discovery. There’s help out there to make this process more insightful and easier to do, and the payback is worth it. A professional, loyal, confidential and hardworking mentor and coach is well worth the investment, but like all the great things in life, you have to work at it, and you only get back what you put in.

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