Problem: Companies struggle to create & implement sales strategies

We have a sales problem, and it is holding us back from growing our business faster.

Solution: Woodhazel Consulting is the best solution for this problem. They are a trusted partner that helps companies scale their sales teams quickly by implementing proven sales strategies and tactics in an easy-to-use platform that’s effective at every level of your organisation.

The Philosophy of Selling theory can be used & adapted by all. In the Sales & Sales Leadership courses people can learn the theory & put the strategies to good use in their lives & businesses. Woodhazel’s team has been helping companies improve their sales results since 2016, so we know what works!

Problem: Many salespeople struggle to close deals and end up leaving money on the table.

The truth is that most companies do not have a proven strategy for closing business, or even a process in place to track their progress towards meaningful goals. This leads to wasted time and resources as well as missed opportunities.

Solution: We help you build your sales team by providing training courses that teach proven strategies for closing more deals with less effort. Our consulting services will also help you develop a repeatable process for tracking your sales performance so that you can make adjustments quickly when needed. Using the Philosophy of Selling theory you can plan ahead individually & as a team with greater confidence, insight & successful results.

Problem: Sales managers struggle with keeping their sales teams motivated and productive.

Our Sales Leadership/Management training courses will help you improve your sales performance & that of your sales team with immediate results measured by yourself in conjunction with Woodhazel Consulting.

Solution: We offer a range of practical, easy to follow sales management training courses that are proven to work in the real world. From setting SMART goals for your team members, through to coaching them on how to close more deals, our online & face to face courses will give you the tools you need to be an effective manager and have fun doing it! Owning the situation is the key to success for you & your team. We help you to create, review, measure & grow your sales, your people & most importantly the profit.

Problem: Most sales teams are not working at their full potential. They’re wasting time, money and energy on ineffective strategies that don’t produce results.

We know you want to be more efficient with your sales team’s time and resources. You’d love to get better results from the same effort or even double your revenue without adding headcount or spending a fortune on new technology.

Solution: Our consulting services will help you improve your team’s performance by designing and implementing effective training programmes based on our proven techniques for getting the most out of every member of your sales force.

Problem: You’re a sales manager, but you don’t have the time or knowledge to teach your team how to sell.

Your business is growing and you want to focus on high-level strategy, but if your salespeople aren’t trained properly then they’ll never reach their full potential.

Solution: Woodhazel Consulting has helped numerous businesses in Ireland & the UK with our proven training courses for sales managers and leaders. Our consultants are experts in selling strategies that will help any company grow faster while maximising turnover and increasing employee satisfaction.

Problem: I’m not currently maximising my sales performance & potential

You need to take control of your present situation & put the work, education & effort in to make a brighter future for yourself & your business

If you’re interested in improving your sales skills, it may be time to consider taking a Sales training course. The benefits of this type of education are numerous and will help anyone become better at selling their products or services. Not only that, but the increased success rates as well as higher closing ratio should make most people want to sign up for one of these courses right away!

You can learn more about our upcoming courses here or contact us now so we can discuss what course suits best for your individual needs.