Oprah Winfrey said “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”.

So, when it comes to sales and sales leadership it makes complete sense to engage with experienced sales and business professionals who can help you maximise your performance and that of your team and business. It helps you to see the hope inside yourself and your sales team.

Sales mentoring helps you and your team to succeed through the support of those who have been through similar experiences many times before. It is very much a parenting/grand parenting role.

Many companies use their experienced employees or leaders to mentor their less experienced or new staff. Obviously this takes time and can be a distraction from the core business requirements and demands. For this reason companies often look to external experts to help in this area.

In youthful or less experienced companies or teams, an external mentor can be vital for the success of the individual or the overall team. It’s a quick and cost effective way for knowledge and support to be rolled out and enacted into your companies/team’s environment for defined periods. When it comes to sales mentoring, there are many advantages. Here are just a few:

Success through knowledge and confidence

One of the most obvious benefits of sales mentoring is an experienced expert passing on knowledge and confidence which will add to the success of the team. Your existing staff are learning whilst also feeling supported. The risk of failure is lessened whilst the chances of success are strengthened. It broadens your horizons because the team now has vital added ingredients to the offering and sales mix. Customers/end users will feel more assured that they are in safer hands. Certain obstacles can be overcome. Confidence of all concerned is inflated.

Teamwork and productivity increases

When your sales team has the addition of mentors who know how to properly lead and motivate others, the whole team will be more productive in their work. The team ethic is enhanced. The addition of knowledge and experience will add to the motivation and ultimately the performance of all concerned. The opportunity for staff to grow and learn is increased. People are learning on the job and through experience, which a lot of people find is the best way to learn, rather than through books, watching videos or remote, impersonal learning, which may have less chance of success. The business can continue to thrive because people are learning in the real world whilst producing results.


The sales mentor will be engaged (internally or externally, depending upon the circumstances) to bridge the lack of knowledge or experience. This support mechanism can be used as much or as little as is needed, and it is defined by cost, timing and/or chemistry with the mentor. The cost/time is only there when necessary and the control lies with all concerned. The staff make the request, the leadership provide the resource and fund the cost, and the mentors bridge the gap and provide value. At all times the staff, the leaders and the mentors can control this cost and decide what is and isn’t working. The old saying of “control the controllable” is very apt here.

Growth of sales is broadened and becomes more assured

When your sales team is properly mentored in sales and sales leadership techniques, they will be able to sell more effectively and achieve better results. This will lead to a better performance than if you were to proceed without them. Using experienced mentors helps to assure growth whilst the company decide to invest in future team members, coaching/training opportunities. Advice and a fresh perspective from mentors about best practice, technology and supports are added bonuses because of their experience and background. They can also support recruiting, coaching, and training opportunities in the future. Team dynamics can be enhanced through difference, if everyone is the same then it can be boring and less effective. Having experience and youth mixing and matching is a winning combination.

In the short-term the opportunity to say yes to more sales is too good to miss, and makes the engagement of a sales mentor a compelling reason to add to your business.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your sales results, increase productivity, and keep employees happy, consider investing in sales mentoring.

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