According to the author and professional speaker, Jeffrey Gitomer, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win”.
If this is something that you agree with and is how you pursue your sales and business career, then you will definitely have happy customers to support and back up your service and value with testimonials about your excellence in work, relationships and deeds.

By giving and receiving sales testimonials, you’re investing in the future of your sales team and growth of your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of sales testimonials and how the future of your business is enhanced by the backup of stories of success and achievement offered to you by satisfied people whose expectations have been exceeded.
People buy from people, and if you’ve authentic satisfied customers offering to promote you and your business then it is vital to your continued growth of you and your business that you use these excellent sales tools. For what can be a very little added extra cost it can greatly enhance you and your business.
There are many advantages from sales testimonials, Here are a few of them:

Greater individual confidence for you and your team

One of the most obvious benefits of sales testimonials is greater confidence for you and your team. When you give and receive testimonials you’re increasing the chances of future sales growth. Your team feels confident in their efforts and approach to doing their job. There’s nothing more effective in building confidence than getting positive feedback. Future customers will hear the positive contributions from satisfied clients and others will use testimonials to influence their purchasing decisions, as well as encouraging others to buy. It’s worth noting, that even feedback that points out where things can be improved, or perhaps service enhanced, can add to a person’s development and help to build confidence further. There’s a greater likelihood to succeed with sales testimonials.

Strong marketing material

Adding sales testimonials to your marketing material including your website and your sales promotional material can be the key content element that closes a sales deal. Their very nature of being unbiased and based on real life scenarios helps to provide powerful insight, reassurance and clarity for any potential customer. It’s like having additional sales people and prospects added to your team and offering.

Your sales team will also be more productive in their work when they know they have positive stories to tell and the backing of satisfied clients. It will create a positive dynamic, increase the profile for you, your team and company, as well as adding to the overall output from your team.

Staff retention and motivation is enhanced

Another advantage of sales testimonials is better employee retention. When your sales team is being praised then this increases motivation and job satisfaction. People feel part of a valued team, fresh, forward thinking and motivated to succeed. Employees will be less likely to leave a high performing team and a company that promotes success in an honest authentic way.
Customer focused company culture

Sales testimonials help to reinforce the benefits of taking a customer focused approach. Everyone quickly buys into the approach that looking after your customers is a winning formula. Customers are happy as they let you and others know and your team are happy as they are benefitting from positive stories to enhance their own job satisfaction whilst helping the business go from strength to strength.

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