Motivation is a key factor in initiating and perpetuating change and is a factor in overcoming both resistance and apathy.

We all have different drivers and factors that affect the way we do things and why we do them. Sometimes within a business there isn’t the correct chemistry or things have become a little tired, and the team might need an external perspective to bring a different dynamic and/or inspiration. The outside voice or listening ear is needed to help overcome resistance or apathy.

The benefits of hiring external motivating help are many. Here are a few of them:

The external motivator can help to get the positive outcome quicker for a defined cost

One of the most obvious benefits of unique, specific and targeted sales motivating is when your sales team is properly motivated in sales and sales leadership techniques and performance, they will be able to sell more effectively. You and your people will ask for help in specific areas and the external motivators will work with you to make it happen. They will normally use a mix of training, mentoring, coaching, questioning and listening, adapting emphasis depending on the specific needs of the team. They can share ownership of the problems with you and share the success as part of a team. It will no longer be a solo or a lonely road, you will have inspirational company on the road to success. This will lead to greater positive results overall.

Shift the dynamic of the team

When your sales team has the addition of motivators who know how to properly lead and inspire others, they will be more productive in their work. The team ethic is enhanced. The addition of knowledge and experience will add to the motivation and ultimately the performance of all concerned. This will enhance the team performance and results. There will be a great feeling of us rather than me. People in an honest forum will be able think about and to feel comfortable enough to ask for what they need. The job of the motivator is helping to attain and enhance the individual and team’s ability to achieve and exceed the expectations of themselves and others.

When your sales team is motivated, they’ll be less likely to leave your company for another job. They’ll feel more loved, part of a team and that they are being heard and listened to, through a forum of inspiration and expression. They are earning more praise and money, because they are asking for help and they have a forum to express their requests and in unique and specific approach.

External perspective, independence of thought & opinion

An external perspective and independent view may be the missing ingredient to inspire and empower you and your team to greater success. Holding individuals to account by challenging the status quo and asking the questions about how things could be done differently, they help provide the ‘aha moment’ of how to move forward first of all at an individual level and then at a company level.

Sales motivating is all about what makes you tick, what can enhance your performance, and how can others help you to achieve the best that you can be. People have different outlooks. Having independent, professional advisers and perspectives helps you make more informed decisions. Advice can also be sought and given about motivators, structures, schemes and technologies that work in other companies.

We all need time out to think about these questions in a professional, confidential manner that is unique and specific to you and/or your team. Our courses and workshops give you a forum, a listening ear that can be tailored to your needs.

Our The Philosophy of selling and sales leadership courses and workshops are designed to help sales professionals learn new techniques and strategies that will help them succeed in today’s competitive market.

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