In today’s fast moving competitive business world, sales workshops offer individuals the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest in a timely and efficient way. They can also be flexible enough to work at an individual or a group level.

Typical themes that work well in a workshop environment include 1) opportunities or challenges facing the individual, team or company 2) following up on commitments that have been made as part of previous business experiences or courses attended 3) help to come up with the answers to a unique set of issues 4) a sounding board and listening ear to help clarify strategic choices or develop a roadmap to drive growth in profitable sales.

There are many advantages from sales workshops, Here are a few of them:

Greater Accountability

An obvious benefit of sales workshops is improved sales accountability. Attendees are more likely to actively engage and take ownership of a workshop that has been set up to focus on an area that is relevant to them and the business. For example, when a team takes part in a workshop specifically tailored towards reporting back on results and commitments that they’ve made from a course, then there is a greater likelihood of success. They feel part of it. There is no hiding place. Specific problems can be dealt with in a professional, confidential, and beneficial manner for all concerned.

Immediate impact

Sales workshops also lead to immediate impacts on your business. You and your sales team have the benefit of coming up with the areas that you want to work on and need help with. The workshop dynamic provides the space and focus to discuss, problem solve and identify solutions that are unique to you and your team. The targeted and specific areas for help will have a quicker speed of success because of the teamwork and greater sense of responsibility and familiarity that has built up. This allows you and the team to hit the ground running at the end of the session.

Work alongside experienced advisers

Sales focussed people will be more productive in their work when they have the back up and know-how they receive from experienced advisers, coaches, trainers and motivators within the workshop. It adds to the overall output from the team, the old saying of “two heads are better than one” is very relevant here. The teamwork will mean that problems will be solved, motivation and job satisfaction will be enhanced and any future issue can be avoided. This’ll create a positive dynamic and therefore increase and speed up productivity.

Greater Job Satisfaction

Another advantage of sales workshops is better job satisfaction. When you and/or your sales team take part in a workshop solving your unique issues and avoiding future problems, the team dynamic takes over. Individuals feel part of something rather being left on their own. Having access to experienced advisers, coaches, trainers and motivators ensures each individual has someone who listens, cares, acts, reacts with them and helps them work and ultimately to succeed and in quicker fashion. Your team will be reluctant to leave a company that invests in its people and their welfare. The team ethic in the workshop environment will lead to greater job satisfaction. They know that through the workshop system they have someone else invested in their success. This leads to greater job satisfaction for all concerned. One client said “it’s a very lonely business out selling to people, its great having someone to share my own personal sales issues with and then solving my problems within the sales workshop forum and beyond.”

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