Follow the “Alphabet” of success when it comes to selling yourself

  • Authenticity
  • Be Yourself!
  • Clear goals help you to focus
  • Discuss relevant topics for each call
  • Enthusiasm is key
  • Follow your instincts and intuition
  • Gain eye contact
  • Have a plan of action before and after each call
  • Interest in what the customer says is paramount
  • Jot down key points before & after each call
  • Keep to the plan as best you can
  • Listen intently
  • Make the person know that you understand and respect them
  • Never undermine or talk down to them
  • One hundred percent focus on the moment and maximising any opportunities for orders
  • People buy from people”
  • Questions of an open or closed variety are vital
  • Rapport is what you are looking to achieve as well as referrals
  • Smile brightly and use positive body language
  • Timing and thank you make all the difference
  • Use a customer management system to store customer and prospect data
  • Value their opinion and their business
  • What’s the difference between you and the competition?
  • X factor is what makes you stand out from the others
  • Yes is the word you are after when it comes to orders and long term business relationships
  • Zero in on closing the deal and don’t ignore the strength of silence

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