We need positive intention and openness so our New Year resolutions become a significant reality in our lives

There’s a relationship between thoughts and behaviour; our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our behaviour

It’s all very well turning up to do a training course to learn some new theories, but unless you truly turn up and by this I mean come with the intention and openness to embrace change in how you think or behave you are unlikely to fully benefit from the experience.

Your inner voice and thoughts influence how you approach your life experiences. Take for example two people who decide to learn to drive a car. The first person believes they will never be able to drive so when they fail their first test they give up. The second person also fails their first test but despite feeling disappointed believe with some more practice they will pass next time. They follow through and sure enough, this is exactly what happens.

We all suffer periods of self-doubt, nervousness and being overly self-critical but recognising when this is happening will help us control negative feelings that are holding us back. If we can change our inner thinking we can transform our behaviour and how we embrace new experiences, learning and activity.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

So next time you might find your inner thoughts are stopping you embracing something new, stop and recognise what is happening. You are always in control, so what will you do; nothing and continue to let your thoughts control you or change the self-dialogue and behave differently.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for additional support to add a fresh perspective.

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