Sales and marketing training should be seen as an issue for today to assess where you and your business are now; learning from the past, taking control, and making the future better. By living and working in the present reality you can maximise opportunities straight away rather than being caught out and letting inaction, bad decisions or life inflict obstacles upon you.

People need to get away from thinking of sales and marketing training as an issue of the future, when it may or not be desirable. It’s vital for today to give you knowledge, partnership, help and ammunition to make success for tomorrow and to help ensure that you are pointing in the right direction when you have the issues today as a result of actions/inactions of yesterday.

People tend to procrastinate for a number of reasons. They are slow or late to do something that should be done because they perceive it to be (a) difficult (b) unpleasant (c) they are indifferent (d) they see the problem as just boring/stressful so it’s avoided or (e) they have low self-esteem and they see avoidance as preferable rather than taking control and investing in themselves, their business, their staff, and their mutual future.

Sales and marketing training for yourself and your business when it’s in the now means that you control the development, not outside conditions. You are making better informed decisions, you are in control of who you are selling to, and you have professional business development with the help of your sales coach/trainer and mentor. It’s working, taking control, and enabling.

It is similar to giving up cigarettes, you shouldn’t wait until your bad habit gets worse and you get cancer before doing the right thing. As with all decisions it is so much easier when you are in control, when you have assistance and knowledge and when you can control things rather than wait for events to force your hand. Keeping with the medical analogy, how often do injuries or illnesses get worse by people avoiding intervention and not accepting help? Sales and marketing training helps with diagnosis, allocation of resources, time management, and budgets.

Sales and marketing training helps you to decide who you want to sell and market to, what resources you need and perhaps who you would like to employ alongside you to drive the business forward. It enhances your budgeting, education, and wellbeing bringing success closer because you are taking action, going to a position of strength. Motivation and earning rewards happen sooner and overall momentum is being controlled by you and not dictated by others and events. Remember, knowledge and education leads to power.

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