On July 4th Ciaran attended the “Finding your voice” day in Broadlakes, Rathmines, Dublin. It was really useful from the learnings on the day, but also from the feedback obtained from the 6 other attendees. They were a very enthusiastic and honest group and it meant that everybody was able to maximise the insights gained.

I used the course as training/dry run for an important presentation at the BNI the next week. The feedback on my 10 minute presentation to my BNI colleagues was very positive, and this was due in no small measure to attending the “finding your voice” course the previous week. What I found really useful was in relation to timing, tone, and a greater confidence in my abilities and the story I was telling, and a greater impact in getting it across to everybody.

I found the course really insightful and very useful. I enjoyed the practical approach and Padraig’s natural style of engaging people. It was also great to meet such an interesting and honest group of people

Rachel attended the “Story and Strategy” course on July 24th at Broadlakes in Rathmines, and it has proven invaluable to both Ciaran and Rachel in formulating strategy and direction for their new Woodhazel adventure. It has focussed our minds and it has started the discussion and given us some tools to sell and promote our strategy and thinking.

We are delighted to recommend Padraig, Sean and “The Core Story” from personal experience and also the continued learnings from the courses. We look forward to attending further courses in the future with them and will happily recommend them to others via our website and word of mouth.

Please see the latest promotional material for the course from Padraig and the team due to take place on the 20/9/19. It is The Strategy & Story Masterclass.