Sales and Marketing Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Woodhazel Consulting is a Dublin-based sales and marketing management consultancy that offer bespoke training, coaching and mentoring.

We provide practical courses, workshops and individual programmes online and in person, personalised to reflect the unique characteristics of an individual or business.

Our sales and marketing management consultancy services can help you recruit, train, coach and motivate staff and provide you with friendly advice on how to increase your sales and manage yourself or sales and marketing teams.

How we help you

  • Providing access to sales & marketing management expertise on a flexible, full-time, remote or in office basis
  • Providing tailored sales & marketing training, coaching and mentoring in a collaborative approach to reflect the needs of you and your business
  • Providing business and life coaching to overcome challenges, find purpose, unlock potential and realise personal fulfilment.
  • Providing an independent listening ear and fresh input, to help you clarify your strategic choices, and provide a roadmap to drive growth in profitable sales
To demystify marketing and the philosophy of selling with practical experience
Help you to manage your sales and marketing through training, coaching and mentoring
Help you manage your life through life coaching

We offer Irish & UK businesses and individuals a high quality confidential service.

We provide you with a blueprint to deal with your sales, marketing, professional & lifestyle issues. We will listen, challenge, guide and support you and your team to find a solution tailored to your needs.

What Our Clients Say

Training, Coaching & Mentoring – online and in person

Sales Training Courses

Our training courses are customised and designed to be enjoyable as we strongly believe that you learn best in a relaxed & open environment. These include:

The Philosophy of Selling

This sales training course is affordable and fun, designed to help participants maximise their personal sales and potential. The course teaches:

  • how to sell effectively with confidence, using winning negotiation strategies as well as customer-centric principles.
  • tips for successful selling and ways to avoid common mistakes.
  • how to manage time efficiently and set effective goals.

The real value of this training is its approach; one to one training, unique to the individual and the company requirements. There’s a strong mix of training, coaching and mentoring, creating an environment for the individual to test, challenge and tease out ideas.

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The Philosophy of Sales Leadership

Sales Management Training in Ireland and the UK

Woodhazel Consulting provides a developmental and empowering sales management training course to help participants maximise their sales leadership potential.

The course teaches:

  • tools & techniques required to plan & develop market-leading sales teams
  • how to manage individuals to sell with confidence
  • winning leadership styles/techniques and how to avoid common mistakes
  • how to drive & motivate teams to increase revenue

Participants benefit from an outside, objective, sounding board and guide to help with how they manage, sell and enhance the team. This will reenergise their sales approach and that of their sales team.

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Sales and Marketing Workshops

We offer tailored workshops to help you, your team or business group to achieve lasting success in sales and marketing. We can help you focus on specific opportunities and challenges for your business or market, keep you on track with your targets and provide solutions to implement your plan and develop yourselves.

Through listening, discussing, challenging, guiding and supporting we help you find solutions and positive results. The dynamic of the team and the group discussions and debates can create some fantastic results and very enjoyable work and business experiences.

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Coaching and Mentoring for individuals

Our individual coaching and mentoring programmes are specific and tailored to the unique personal needs and requirements of an individual. They create the space and focus to discuss, problem solve and identify solutions that can have an immediate positive impact on you, your career, your business and personal life.

You might be looking to grow in confidence and productivity, get clarity on your goals, start something new, develop as a manager or leader, get a better work/life balance or simply need time and space to think.

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Sales and Marketing Consultancy

We offer businesses and individuals a high quality, confidential and dynamic consultancy service on a flexible, full-time; remote or in office basis.

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