As Bill Gates says “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a gymnast or a bridge player” so if you are in the business of trying to improve and grow your sales it makes sense to employ a good, professional motivated sales coach and team player that can tap into your unique set of needs and circumstances.

Why would I say this? After all being coached isn’t for everybody. Some people just want to be given the answers and to be told what to do, they don’t enjoy the concept of having to come up with the answers themselves or having to work collaboratively with a coach. But does this limit success? Think back to your school or college days and the different ways you were taught. We all remember our favourite teacher or games coach that inspired and motivated us to push ourselves to success and to do our best. I remember the university lecturer that picked a spot on the wall and talked at it for the hour versus the lecturer who encouraged debate and discussion. Each approach directly impacted not only the enjoyment of the lecture but more importantly my understanding, interest and overall love and success in the subject. Why should learning in a work environment be any different? There are many advantages that your business can reap. Here are just a few:

Helping individuals to become more self-reliant

One of the most obvious benefits of sales coaching is improved self-responsibility. In today’s agile working environment sales success is becoming more reliant on teams and individuals that have the confidence and motivation to react quickly to decision making and problem solving. With coaching, individuals are being helped to come up with the answers to their own unique set of issues. Coaching in sales and sales leadership techniques and performance will help your sales team to sell more effectively leading to greater positive results overall.

Long-term development of the person and the team

Sales coaching also leads to increased development of people and the wider team. The team ethic is enhanced. The addition of knowledge and experience will add to the motivation and ultimately the performance of all concerned. Because people are being helped to develop themselves then there is a greater output from the team. Adding new people into this structure is less risky because a culture and network of self-enhancement and team development now exists. Using people to coach who have an investment in the people and the team, means that as well as getting results for today, you are also developing and investing in the future. The people being coached may also be happy to coach others in the future. Through positive experiences with quality coaches people are learning to maximise sales and profit now and for tomorrow.

Best use of resources

Another advantage of sales coaching is better use of your current resource. When you and/or your sales team is properly coached, you are helping people to perform at their best, maximising their expertise to drive your business sales forward. They will all feel more loved, motivated and part of a successful team that will enjoy and feel inspired from the process of improving themselves through being coached or the opportunity to coach themselves.

Sales coaching can help your business grow, by how much, is up to you. Using experienced outside help to help you and your people to help themselves is vital. Using a targeted, unique, and specific course and workshop from Woodhazel is important to see what your team is missing. Coaching from us might be the missing ingredient to help you to help yourself from the unique set of circumstances that face you now to the great opportunities for success into the future.
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